Valentine's Day Packaging Ideas

Valentine's Day Packaging Ideas
The day of love is approaching, and for retail brands it’s a chance to increase their sales with special packaging designs. Valentine’s day is still ranked as the fourth largest spending holiday. Brands should pay some extra attention to their products and packaging designs before this day arrives.

When we mention Valentine’s day, red color, hearts and chocolates are among the top things that might come to your mind.

Here we have gathered some of our favorite and most lovely designs we have found for Valentine’s day.

1. Chêne Bleu have released a magical pop-up gift box, inspired by the 12th century French equivalent of Romeo & Juliet.
Fall in love with Godiva's 2020 Valentine's Day Collection. Newly created pieces capture the fascinating and romantic history of chocolate and feature packaging by Olympia Le Tan.
GODIVA 2020 Valentines Day Collection Gift Box
Moët & Chandon, limited edition Moët Rosé Imperial Unfurl the Tie comes packed in a pink round case along with black leather trimmings.
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Harvey Nichols has released a range of luxury gift chocolates for Valentine’s Day, with design by branding partnership Smith&+Village.
Harrods comes with limited production tea packaging for this special day.
Preparing special packaging for the Valentine's Day does not always have to be so expensive! Here is an example of packaging that can be cost-effective but you can win the hearts of your customers. With custom tissue paper, you can also make your signature with a silky layer on Valentine's Day.