One of the most effective and economical marketing tools… Packaging!

One of the Most Effective and Economical Marketing Tools… Packaging!
Packaging is one of the most effective and economical marketing tools… However, when it comes to implementation, this understanding remains promised. Managers are still making the biggest investment in advertising. However, in addition to those who want to become a brand, companies seeking to increase their sales should give importance to packaging.
In today's marketing world where differentiation has become the most important target, packaging design is one of the most important factors that will create differentiation. For thousands of products in front of consumers, the appeal of the packaging is an important force in a matter of seconds. But how effective is this power being used? Companies around the world still do not give the necessary importance to packaging. This is the biggest indication that this power is not used correctly. Although many company executives say packaging is the most effective and economical way of communication, it takes the opposite attitude. It allocates the lowest budget in marketing budgets to packaging design.
Branding, keeping the brand strong and in mind, is one of the most important elements of packaging design. Successful packaging is revealed by knowing the market and the consumer very closely, knowing the dynamics of the category and developing a clear strategy in line with the company vision.
If the packaging has enabled the consumer to take over the product, 70 percent of the product will also enable the consumer to purchase the product.
Products are becoming more similar for price and other reasons. Only the packaging design can give a product visual or verbal advantages. Therefore, the importance of packaging design will continue to increase each year.