Can you print Pantones?
Yes, we can print any Pantone reference unless it exist in Pantone's books. If you can’t find your specific color contact us.
Can I do gold foiling?
Gold foil print is doable, however it depends on the type of the artwork and there is a minimum order quantity of 10.000 sheets. Alternatively, we can print metallic inks with no extra charges.
Can you print metallic colors?
Yes, we can print any color that exists in Pantone's book. We just want to mention that on black tissue paper only gold, silver and bronze metallic inks are printable.
How many colors can you print?
We can print up to 4 colors.
Should I use CMYK or RGB for my artwork?
CMYK should be used for best results since our press prints using CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). If you use RGB in your artwork it will be automatically converted to CMYK by our system.
What logo formats do you accept?
We accept Ai, PDF, EPS, PNG and JPG. If you have a different file format or your logo is not working, contact us.
Do you make food safe tissue?
Yes we do!
Can I submit my own design?
You can upload it and proceed with the order. Don’t forget to specify colours, quantity and sizes.
What are trim and bleed size?
The trimmed sheet size represents the final printed and cut sheet. The bleed allows you to run artwork to the edge of a page. On a press, the artwork is printed on a large sheet of paper and then trimmed down to size. Basically the bleed ensures you get your desired print 100% correct!
Need help with your tissue paper design?
If you need help with design, our packaging designers are ready for you! Select your product features below, upload your logo in your cart, place your order. Our packaging design team will send the design prepared for you and the printing process begins after your approval!
What size is your tissue paper?
Our custom tissue paper dimensions: 67 x 47 cm (26.3" x 18.5")
What GSM is your tissue paper?
We have 17 gsm tissue paper in white and black color. 17 gsm white paper is such a thin and fine paper that it is also called as silk paper. We also offer 30 gsm white paper for 2 color and full color prints.
Do you have double-sided printing for tissue paper?
Double sided print is doable. For more info and prices please get in touch with us.
How long will the tissue last?
Our tissue works and last as any standard wrapping tissue paper do. But how we make your imagination materialize on your tissue to represent your brand is what makes it very special.
Is your tissue premium?
All of our tissue paper is acid free and anti mould! This results in a long lasting, crisp white paper.
How is the tissue shipped?
We ship all orders in custom Tissue Paper Print boxes.
Can I cancel an order I just placed
Unfortunately not, once an order is placed it is sent to our print room for instant processing – please be sure you are ready to print & have double checked your artwork/details before placing an order.
Can I change the quantity on an order I just placed?
If you are looking to decrease the quantity on the order placed, then unfortunately no you can not. Once an order is placed it is sent for automatic processing. If you are looking to increase the quantity of your order, we ask that you simply re-purchase the required quantity.
Can you produce more than 5,000 units?
Yes we can! If you are looking for over 5000 tissue paper/sticker get in touch with us.
Can we do custom sizes?
Yes, we are able to produce almost any size that fits into 50x70 cm 70x100 cm
Can I order less than 250?
Our Minimum Order Quantity is 250 units for tissue paper and stickers. These are the lowest cost-efficient MOQs we have computed, so we cannot go lower than these.
Do you ship internationally?
We do! Tissue Paper Print ships to over 150 countries. If your address is outside of the Turkey we do ask that you check with your country’s customs office if there will be any additional customs charges on your order. Please note that Tissue Paper Print is not responsible for additional charges imposed by your government.
Can you split my order between two different addresses?
We can only ship to one address per order. Otherwise, you can create two separate orders with different shipping addresses.
I entered my billing address incorrectly. What should I do?
Just send over the correct address, and we’ll make sure that it will be corrected.
Where do you ship from?
We ship from Istanbul/Turkey.
How long does shipping take?
We deliver your orders within 10 days at the latest. Delivery time varies depending on your region.